BENZ-HMB CZECH a.s. has developed and manufactures an advanced control system (ACS) for production lines applying a layer of nanofibers to a underlying treadmill.

ACS can be configured from the following modules:


Basis weight in fixed position

Selective measurement of the basis weight of a nanofibre layer in a fixed position.


Basis weight measurement along and across

Selective measurement of the basis weight of the nanofibre layer along and across the substrate material using a permanently traversing measuring frame.


Evaluating statistics

Continuous evaluation of statistics and frequencies of measured nanofibre layer basis weight in the form of instantaneous values, estimates and trends. This enables continuous monitoring of the variability of the nanofibre layer of the manufactured product.


Option to add additional quality features

Option to add another quality property and including its evaluation.


Monitoring of operating parameters

Continuous monitoring of other operating parameters of the line.


Export of values

Export measured values to external files.


Automatic basis weight regulation

Automatic regulation of nanofibre layer basis weight.


Automatic optimization

Automatic continuous optimization of nanofibre layer basis weight.